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One of the benefits of a regular yoga practice is the ability to get into the flow state, and to stay there! Again and again, practice brings us into strength in the body, focus in the mind, and openness of spirit. I like to approach workshops as an opportunity to simply practice together, and go deeper into specifics so that a take-home message can travel along with you as we part ways.

By focusing each workshop on more of a specific target, we can start to break down postures, explore questions, and discover more refinement in the way we breathe, move, and relate to our personal practice. In doing so, we start to more fully embody the gifts that disciplined practice brings and anchor that into our daily life.

Chris offers a range of workshops that include the following:

Progressions on the mat Series
Yoga for strength and arm balances
Standing postures and inversions
Stability, twists, & hip openers
Surrender into Backbends
Yin, Rest, and Restore
Foundations for Functional Practice
Fly into Inversions and Balancing
Travels & Advanced Explorations
Yin and Deep Sound Restore (See Musical Sound Medicine here)
A daily escape into Mindfulness through Meditation
Chakra Balancing and Healing through Yoga


Join Chris and his team for a retreat into your best and brightest self!

In our FXNL yoga retreats, we offer a next level wellness experience by setting aside 1, 3, and 7 day retreats completely devoted to nourishing Mind, Body, and Spirit. By dedicating and investing this time for retreat, you're offering yourself the opportunity to unplug, unwind, and get back on track into your fullest potential.

By immersing yourself into an environment where you can refocus your mind, cleanse and empower your body, uplift and connect with your spirit, you are offering yourself the gift of life changing balance. Sometimes all it takes is the support and encouragement of stepping out of our habitual patterns, to reset, recalibrate, and step forward into health, wellness, and empowered living.

Hosted at chosen locations around the world, our retreats are packed full of yoga, mindfulness meditation, time in nature, good people to share with, high frequency food, and a lifestyle that ultimately encourages you integrate the gifts of retreat back into your daily life.


For those who wish to delve deeper into practice, and immerse themselves into an accredited training, Chris offers both 40hr and 100hr trainings registered with the Yoga Aliance. Whether you're hoping to become a teacher, or would like to deepen your practice, teacher trainings are an incredible tool and catalyst for growth, development, and transformation. When you immerse yourself in study, you become imbued as a student of life, and through yoga, you can align and orient yourself within your life's journeys. By undergoing a teacher training, you have the priceless opportunity to evolve within yourself, integrate that into your life, and share that with those around you. For training dates and locations click here.

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