Align, Cleanse, and Clear through an experiential Sound journey with Chris

Healing Baths

One of the great scientist of the 21st century said, “If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.” - Nikola Tesla

When we begin to understand that everything is energy in motion, we are initiated into a path of discovery, unlocking the key to health, wellness, and personal power.

One of the greatest tools to connect with energetic flow and vibration, is music. Music has the capacity to take us places deep within ourselves. Have you ever listened to a song or a piece of music that seemed to resonate deep within your bones and exude an unexplainable depth of emotion and feeling? There is a certain power in sound that has the ability to create a palpable atmosphere, a certain ambiance, and set a tone which we become tuned by. Music has the capacity to heal, to take us on a journey inwards, and to vibrate its way deep within our cells.

In these workshop style sessions,events, and private consultations, Chris will take you on an experiential journey into music embodied. By working with a range of different instruments, tones, and frequencies, this musical medicine creates a place in which healing happens, bringing us into a place of rest, recovery, and ultimately well-being within ourselves.

With the use of soundscapes, live instruments, and voice, Chris creates a sound bath that is sure to leave you feeling connected and renewed.

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