New Beginnings and Renewal (written for Australian Yoga Journal Spring 2016)

We are always changing. It's both a universal constant and something that we can truly count on, that's for sure. What we were yesterday will gradually evolve into what we are today, and what we are today will progress forward into what we will be tomorrow.

Funny enough, there's no way to change that. You can't stop the river and no matter where you are in the world, wherever you go, that great river will keep on moving whether you let it take you or not. Seasons change, environments rearrange, and so do we as people. It's an incredible process, and we can really be supported by it. Have you ever found yourself previously amongst a great challenge or heartbreak, only to rediscover one moment that You felt whole again? At what point does the transition occur, and could you notice the moment that a leap of growth occurred all at once, or was it more gradual?

It's amazing how adaptable we are as we grow, develop, and maintain a sense of place in our outer environments. What's wonderful, is that this connection to nature can become a map used to orient and centre yourself in your life. You can use your natural surroundings as a landmark to understand how nature's rhythms affect your inner processes, and learn to move in harmony with the seasons. Even the elements are a great way to connect to living more fully and in positively. Nature lives, breathes, evolves, and so do we.

Each season brings a particular frequency, with its own reminders and gifts to offer. Spring can bring great insight around renewal, regeneration, and the impulse toward new growth. It brings encouragements of change, metamorphosis, and a sense of lightness. I find that during spring, my energy feels very uplifted and buoyant. I feel vivacious and enthusiastic to be alive, and find that it's a perfect time to begin new projects, and put that abundance of energy to work toward goals and personal development.

With all that influx of life force, things seem to take on new life, colours, tones, and flavours. If you listen closely, you may even hear the voice of spring whisper, “This is the first day of your life, a new beginning, and on this new day, what will you do? Who will you be, and how will you share? How will you participate? What joys can you open yourself up to, and what gifts can you share openly on this new Day?"

Now if you choose to heed the call, there's work to be done. If you accept the challenge to change and begin anew, you must also be willing to do the work to let go of the old and practice releasing old patterning which can take time, healing, and patience, but in the end it's worth it, trust me.

As life presents this opportunity to change and grow, how will you step into that process? Well, Here's a few ideas to get started.

In your daily practice, see if you can bring a beginners mind to where You are as if it's the first time you've been there. Let this encourage you to see with fresh perspective, accept all change in yourself and in others, find peace in the moment exactly as everything is. When you accept so deeply, everything takes on a new light and suddenly new places, people, and experiences can be seen and felt. Even try taking a different route to work, or speaking to a stranger, trying a new healthy food choice, or getting outside to breathe in the fresh air and feel your feet on the ground. It's the little things that count.

On the mat, try exploring details and little nuances that you haven't noticed before by bringing curiosity and playfulness in. See if you can approach your practice with a child-like wonder, or meet the mat like someone visiting for the very first time. There can always be space to bring more awareness into the way your body moves and aligns, the way your breath changes shape, and the way that your conscious attention brings you into the moment, here and now.

In your meditations, see if You can touch a sense of freshness by practicing releasing old stories, and worn out patterns, in doing so letting yourself surrender into the present moment. You can even use an affirmative mantra like: “Breathing in, I feel fresh, I am renewed. Breathing out, I feel light, I am clear.” You are becoming your best Self, and this season is a perfect time to tune into your vision, and lift your vibe to carry your way onward into your journeys.

As you embark on this natural evolution, know that you are deeply and intimately connected with life around you all the time. Perfect in all your imperfection, Whole and complete within all the moving aspects that make you who you are. Spring's best gifts can remind you of this consistent interconnection, and as the days get both longer and warmer, may you find yourself happy and at peace with the newness of spring, sharing in on the excitement of constant growth and change. This is yours to enjoy and share. Stay positive, keep light, and enjoy the encouragements of Spring as it blooms into new beginnings.

"On a day when the wind is perfect, the sails just need to open and the love starts. Today is such a day." Rumi