Following Your Passion and Purpose through Yoga (written for Ohmme Yoga UK)

1. the reason for which something is done or created or for which something exists.

Hello, Travelers

It’s a big world we live in. In this incredible planet we call home, we find ourselves living in the modern times, staying alive and well to the best of our ability. As humans, we embark on the great voyage of discovery from the day we are born until the day we pass to realms unknown.

It's a massive challenge to stay alive and thrive, and we are up against a a lot. How will You rise to the occasion?

As students on life’s paths we walk these roads that are presented to us, and navigate our way to the best of our ability. We make choices every day that take us in the direction of our life’s sojourn, and we walk the road to our destiny.

Along the way, there are many twists and turns, pages and chapters, many roads to walk and difficulties to overcome. There’s no manual on being human, no one stop answer to the questions we have, and no one can tell us how to live our lives but our own.

“We are the ones we’ve been waiting for, and the time is at hand.” Cited Source

So how is it that you show up for life? How do you meet life’s cal and beckon? What is it that ignites your sense of purpose in life, and makes you feel most connected to your very core?

Whatever the answer is, keep doing just that. Continue to do what it is that you’re doing, whatever it is that makes you feel most alive and connected to your purpose and passion for life. Little by little, continue to prioritise those things and begin to integrate them into your daily life without fail. This will be your lifeline. This is your power and your purpose. From this place of deep connectivity, embody your gifts and share them with those around you.

“A rising tide lifts all boats." John F. Kennedy

Keep going, and keep digging deep. Explore your yoga practice. Spend time on the mat, move your asana, and let it move you into your very heart and soul. Spend quality moments in stillness, cultivate balance and presence. Show up for your relationships and enjoy the amazing people around you. Give your upmost attention and vitality to the things that you love most, and let those things be the threads of connection that build bridges to that which you’re becoming.

Let your practice be one that integrates into your life daily. In the work you do, in the relationships you share, in the food you eat, in the words you speak, in the play you celebrate,in the art you create, in the joys, in the challenges, in the way you live and breathe.

Let your practice be your very own, and let it bring you day by day into your upmost passion and purpose.

Let it be so,

With Love,

Chris Dixon